A screaming Star

Autor: Juraj Brenišin | 6.9.2013 o 18:05 | (upravené 6.9.2013 o 18:10) Karma článku: 0,00 | Prečítané:  94x

When a screaming Star was fallen from above

It was never and never ever was right now.

With milk-like face she looked in fear around

And that fear was pale as the horse of death,

It was the most terrible lack of sound

She'd never heard before that took her breath,

Indeed it was cruel silence in her ear

Tempting the fallen Star to shout and

With cry brought her end to be in near,

She never realized that it was meant

To slaughter all the Heaven's daughters

And to let them sink in the Memory's waters.


When She crawled, She did realized why and how,

She realized it was never and never ever was right now

So She crossed her fingers in deceitful hope

With bloody lips She gave the life an oath,

She descended to her knees and screamed for each of stars

But silence remained like in the tombs of tzars

So She took the deepest breath and closed her eyes,

She praised the Lord while swallowed pride,

She spread her wings, She spread them wide

And released the most shattered of all cries.


Yes, the Lord caught up deadly pains of shiny crowd,

But it was never and never ever was right now.

He turned to Earth and He saw the Star

That was screaming and fallen from above,

He'd given her everything you can hope for -

So ignorant silence and freedom to fly no more,

And with no mercy and without remorse

He watched Her, He watched Her close,

Until She came to death that broke her wings,

Because that is all what Creator brings.



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