The Tales of She

Autor: Juraj Brenišin | 24.9.2013 o 11:33 | Karma článku: 0,00 | Prečítané:  120x


She put her red carpet on the floor

She didn't know, but She started War

With lust and greed sparkling in her eyes

She still could pretend that she's really nice,

But her cold heart told that story -

Well, somehow else...


It was that day when the Sun was sleeping

And the only thing you could hear

Was like hearts were beating...

The End was never this near,

The End with such a red curtain

Breaking the Earth and breaking the Man,

She walked the streets,

Oh, She had her special needs...


In fact, She was totally innocent

'Cause as The Angel of Death She was sent,

She had to kill, to slaughter, to mutilate,

The Lord´s order forced Her not to wait:

„Thou shalt make no covenant with them,

Nor shew mercy unto them."

Now watch out, She's finally here

With Her hunger for our fear.

This is the last day of the human race,

Nothing can help, you better start to praise!


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